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Promote Dog Travel around New England, and protect it while we're there!

  • Destinations in your state and others in N.E.
  • trainings on enviro and "real" 
  • connect to community to improve and connect.

hounds to sniff out locations, clowns and environmental, you get a treat if you do.

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Just follow your dog's lead.  Intuitively, they know where to go.  We'll be waiting for you in the Community at Mass Dog Hikes!

3 Ways to Connect with the MDH Community:

1. Start by Accessing the Online Info Guides 

Create your own private Mass Dog Hikes online account and hit the ground running with dog destination guides.  You'll also be able to access online info guides on topics such as dog safety, health and training. 

The guides (set up like an online course--very sleek) will be inside your account, waiting for you once you sign up.  

Once inside, start interacting as a Mass Dog Hikes Community Member by posting your comments and questions within the guides--besides learning a ton!


Visit the MDH Facebook page and let us know what you think about Mass Dog Hikes.  Post about your own adventures so others can learn.  Ask questions of the community about dog care, dog hiking and preserving the natural wonders that we take our dogs to...or should I say, that our dogs take US to!

Visit the MDH Youtube page to watch fun and informative videos about local dog hiking destinations, dog hiking advice and conservation of the areas we take them to!  Comment on the videos in order to interact with the MDH community.

Discover new destinations to take your dog.  Learn how to preserve the natural wonders that we take them to.  Catch up on dog care, dog safety and dog health advice.

The blog's skim-friendly format, with plenty of graphics and bullet points, allows you to learn and have fun without being bored.

But don't just read and leave...Make comments, ask questions.  Let MDH know what's on your mind at the bottom of each blog post.

Let Our Dogs Lead Us into Nature...

...And then learn about it, appreciate it even more, and protect it!

And feel proud that you're helping to spread the word about dog etiquette in these sensitive areas and overall dog care advice!

Contact Brian with any questions or issues about accessing the community:

Please contact massdoghikes@gmail.com  Thanks, Brian