this Deluxe Collection of Mass Dog Hikes delivers even more amazing features...

  • 5 more amazing trails, in more towns, with similar history and beauty as Haynes Meadow! I've hand-picked the most incredible trails I've found as a dog walker in towns like Stow, Bolton and more...a Goldmine for dog hikes and DAY TRIPS!

2 examples of the new and exciting trails in the Deluxe Collection:

Heath Hen Conservation Land in StowTrails through the woods with stonewalls abound, that lead to apple orchards and babbling brooks.

The Bolton Lime Kiln and Quarry - Discover a Secret Cave! Feel Owls staring down at you! Enter a Lime Kiln and feel like you're in a dungeon with your dog! Admire amazing glacial formations and a Quarry. And more!

...Plus you get 3 more amazing trails in this awesome area of the state!

AND... the Deluxe Collection of Mass Dog Hikes delivers These NEW Features along with every Trail:


Experience the Mass Dog Hikes Community.  Share your discoveries, pose questions, add your own trail updates, and more with other Mass Dog Hikes members, and with Brian.  Benefit from their responses to your posts and help them out also with your input.  Each trail has a dedicated community section for back-and-forth comments.


My "1-2-3 Success System" to Ensure a Great Dog Hiking Experience.  I provide concrete steps to take before, during and after your dog hike to help you get the most out of your outing. 


"Rapid Resources" for Each Trail. Easy to reference, one-click lists, for a quick break down of all the cool stuff, and other important things to know in terms of rules, etc.  Be prepared before you hit the trail--or while you're there!


The Best Photo Opp's at Each Trail. I'll provide the gems and the secret vistas for you to take pictures of at each trail, that I've discovered while hiking these trails over the years.


Mass Dog Hikes Scavenger Hunt.  Interesting Rocks and other items to hunt for at each trail.  Add even more spice to your dog hike!  You get to be the "hound", instead of your four-legged friend, and sniff out these hidden treasures that I provide clues to!

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Check out these Bonuses:


3 Ways to Ensure Safety and Avoid Stress While Walking Your Dog

Video lessons with my personal advice from my time as a pro dog walker that highlight proven ways to keep your dog safe and eliminate stressful situations that arise when coming upon other humans, rogue dogs, trail hazards and more.


Winter Dog Hiking and Walking Tips 

Why let a little drop in temperature affect the amazing adventures that winter provides us and our furry friends. Learn how to keep safe, warm and well-exercised in the winter when hiking and walking with your dog.

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