With this 3-Step Leash Training System, give your dog more freedom and variety when walking and hiking, without  the high costs and time commitment of separate training.  Enjoy peace of mind that your dog is happy and be stress free yourself!

INSIDE THIS LEASH TRAINING COURSE:  Learn the ONE THING that can be a game changer for you and your dog while walking or hiking.  One very minor shift in how I use equipment, drastically improved my dogs' freedom and my peace of mind.

Watch the Results the Method Eventually Produced for me:

Video shows how my dogs behave AFTER using the method regularly.  This is NOT the method itself.  

It's the results of unique Leash Training over time.

Imagine if you could...

  • Provide some freedom for your dog in public areas such as trails, while leash training them at the same time
  • Be able to gain control of your dog immediately, if necessary, for your own peace of mind
  • Potentially have your dog stay near you without a leash (eventually) and to check back to you continually.
  • Allow your dog to roam a bit without spending a ton of extra time and money on training

 As a pro dog walker, I ran into more frustrations than I care to admit.  I wish I had thought of this method for leash training earlier in my career, and not run into as many stressful situations!

You love your dog.  You know your dog is fine in public, but others might not want to be approached, or wildlife might cause your dog to chase, for example.

Let my Leash Liberation Method be your guide.  Benefit from the trial and error that I went through, so you don't have to!

Indicate to others on the trails that you "Get It"!

Take Advantage of the Course TODAY, as this offer is going to increase in price and the extras are going away!   

$46  Only $9 !!

Leash Liberation Method online course explained in 3-steps:

The Leash Liberation Method includes Leash Training that uses a "Happy Medium" between holding a leash all the time and being totally off-leash.  The Method consists of an all-in-one set of online resources that can allow for more freedom!!

Learn from on-the-trail videos, advice about equipment...even a destination guide for an awesome place.  

The Method allowed me to eventually go totally off-leash with my nervous rescue!

Learn the "ONE THING" that was a game changer for me when I walk my dogs....One little shift in how I used my existing equipment for Leash Training!

This entire method can provide more freedom for your dog and more peace of mind for you!


I show you what type of equipment you need...that you may already have!  And the "One Thing" that was a game changer for me walking my dogs.


I show you on-the-trail videos so you can learn how to use the technique yourself, how to be safe from things that can injure your dog and avoid confrontations with others.


I include one of my valuable doggie day trip destination online guides for a cool place to put it into action!

Don't miss out on this temporary discount and all the extras...They have never been offered in one package before, and are available inside this online course at this price for a limited time!

$46  Only $9 !!


IMPORTANT:  Please do NOT purchase this Course:

  • If you expect it to completely and immediately stop your dog from pulling or taking off.
  • If you expect the Method to totally prevent your dog from ever running up on other people and dogs up ahead, without the need to monitor
  • If you expect that there will be no need to still act quickly if your dog gets ready to bolt
  • If you expect that the Method is a single piece of equipment (no equipment is for sale in this Method), or FORMAL training course.  I am NOT a certified dog trainer.  This is NOT a traditional training course.  It's a bit unorthodox and informal, actually.

GUESS WHAT??!!  Even if you don't end up using the specific technique for Leash Training that is taught in the course, you still get SO much more from the other resources in the overall Method:  Trainings, Cool Places to Go, Stories, Advice, etc.  

JUST THINK...you've probably spent $9 before on organic dog treats that your dog hated, then threw them out.  If you just picked up a thing or two from any of the various resources in the overall Method, you'll have this knowledge for the rest of your dog's life.

Have you ever asked these questions?

I'm not sure if my dog would take off if I let him off leash...how can I start to find out?

I want to let my dog off leash, but I hate getting "leash-shamed" by others. How do I give her freedom while leash training, but not so much that she runs around TOO much?

I want to bring my dog to cool places, but I don't want to have to restrict her, for me to be holding a leash the whole time for as long as a couple hours...How can I do this?

I am blown away by the value of the Leash Liberation Package!  I have spent more money before on a toy that lasted 9 seconds!  Such a wide range of advice in an organized format! And I can't wait to hit the dog-friendly conservation property that you included as a day trip!

LYNNE, hudson ma

What Do I Get When I Purchase The Course?

In your own personal online account, you will be able to access the following tools ALL IN ONE PLACE...FOR ONLY 9 BUCKS!

10+ Videos of On-the-Trail scenarios and other commentary to show how this Leash Training Method works

The "One Thing" that COMPLETELY changed the way I walk with my dogs on the trails, without holding the leash

2 Equipment demos. Should you decide to purchase your own equipment (we don't sell any here)...You'll know exactly which pieces to get

Online training videos from "The Smaht Dog" training program, detailing scenarios that occur on the trails and how to handle them in the moment

Conservation advice and action steps on how to help preserve these precious lands that our dogs leads us to

An incredibly detailed self-guided online destination guide of a dog hiking goldmine...you have to have a cool place to put this Method of Leash Training into action!  This guide alone is a $17 value!

$46  Only $9 !!

This offer has never been offered at this price before, and won't last for too long!

How do I Access All of These Tools?

Once you purchase, you'll receive an email with your login credentials and a link to access the "course".

Anytime you want to access any of the various resources in this overall Method (set up in an online course format), you simply visit MassDogHikes.com, and click on the "Member Login" button at the top of every page.

Everything that makes up the Method (all the videos, commentary, guides, etc) will be inside one online course that will be waiting for you inside your own private online account each time you log in!

Course Format and What to Expect


There are 3 modules with easy to navigate chapters and lessons that include the leash training and so much more. 

These include videos of on-the-trail scenarios, equipment demo's, personal commentary and other videos, links to resources and more.

Track your progress, interact with the community, ask questions, and go at your own pace through the Method of Leash Training.

Here is an example of just ONE of the three Modules:

Chapter 1 

What to Expect in Module 2, Chapter 1: Equipment

I give a personal equipment demo that you can use in this method, and all the details on the different options to make this "Happy Medium" approach of leash training (between leashed and off-leash) work.

You also learn the "one thing" that was a game changer for me in terms of how I started using my equipment when I hike with my dogs.  

And much more!

Chapter 2


What to expect in Module 2, Chapter 2: Implementation

This chapter is all about the Method in action.  Actual on-the-trail videos to show you how to use the technique.

I also provide specific examples of the hazards that await our dogs, if off they run too freely without this leash training.

Learn about one of my "pet peeves" as I rant about dog etiquette on the trails!!!

And of course, true to MDH's aim to preserve the precious lands our dogs lead us to, there is even more valuable advice on conservation.

Chapter 3


What to expect in Module 2, Chapter 3: Time to Enjoy! 

This is my favorite part of the Method...I provide one of Mass Dog Hike's Featured  Guides to a super cool network of conservation trails as a Doggie Day Trip. 

This alone is valued at $17 separately.

Learn all the rules and expectations ahead of time, the terrain, the parking and other logistics...but most of all:

Learn about "dungeons" you can bring your dog into, caves to see, rocky ridges to explore and so much more!  So it's NOT all about just Leash Training...you have to enjoy also!

And also learn of local attraction and places to eat, for instance, while you're there!

What This Method NOT:


It is NOT a totally off-leash solution.  Instead, it's a "Happy Medium" of leash training between holding a leash the whole time, and being off leash.  But it may lead to being able to be off leash in the future while using "check backs".


It is NOT a Quick Fix that allows your dog to freely run all around parks, trails and the neighborhood.


It is NOT recommended for dogs that you know would continuously want to bolt away--big time, or who pull excessively to the point of gagging.


It is NOT an offer of equipment for sale, or a single dog training course.  And I am not a certified trainer.  It's simply a set of unorthodox and informal leash teachings, demo's and more.

Amazing Benefits of The Leash Liberation Method!

Gradually teach your dog to checkback to you while on walks, so there is the potential to have her stay with you in the future--even totally off leash someday!

Finally enjoy a way to test if your dog would take off when off leash, without the worry when you try it for the first time!

Stay in control...for your own peace of mind--without constantly holding on to a leash, yet still having the leash as a safety net during this leash training!

Know that your dog is getting variety and freedom with exercise instead of the same old neighborhood leash walk.

Mass Dog Hikes

Who is This Online Course For?

  • For those who are open to an unorthodox and informal leash training, and don't expect immediate results or a guarantee that their dog will act perfectly when off leash in the future
  • For people who visit public places, but don't want their dogs running too far ahead or behind--especially approaching other people
  • For people who already know that their dogs won't immediately and vigorously bolt away in a split second when on trails and other public places
  • For people who care about conservation and to not let dogs trample sensitive habitats
  • For those who are not sure if their dog will take off when let off leash for the first time

Identify with any of the above? If so, let's get you signed up!


For a limited time with the Method, you receive this super-informative bonus.  This one set of bonus trainings is valued at more than this entire Leash Liberation Method itself, when offered separately.


"SMAHT DOG" Training

How to Prevent Your Dog from Escaping your Control and Getting into Danger While Walking Them

This free set of "real life" on-the-trail videos is directly directly from our exclusive "Smaht Dog" Trainings that are typically only offered to Mass Dog Hikes members.

You get videos of actual scenarios as they happen, complete with my commentary, specific equipment advice, "what to do next" scenarios, and so much more.

It's the perfect complement to the Leash Liberation Method, as it provides advice on how to prevent common problems that occur around other people and dogs.

This is THE ONLY chance to get the Leash Liberation method at this price, with the added bonus, all at once...and...This offer is going away soon!

Below are quotes from hikers and dog owners from online groups expressing concerns about off-leash dogs approaching them.  The Leash Liberation Method can help to avoid confrontations that stem from differing views on this topic.

If being approached by off-leash dogs is on many other peoples' minds, why not just avoid it? ...The Leash Liberation Method is a "Happy Medium"...and it can help avoid confrontations. 


Does the dog wear a leash or not?  And if you're not holding it all the time, what happens to the leash?  Couldn't the dog run off?

A leash is used. The dog is not totally off leash all the time, nor are you holding the leash all the time either.  When you're not holding the leash, it is still attached to the dog.  It's all explained within the course.

But yes, a dog could still bolt off if proper measures aren't taken or unexpected things happen such as if you trip and fall, are texting and take your attention away for a second, etc--just like with any sort of dog walking you do.

Please don't purchase it if you have a dog that is a high risk of taking off or pulling a significant amount, or if you're looking for a guarantee, or a simple way of solving the behavioral issues of a dog with these tendencies.

If you have any doubts whatsoever that strict and more "formal" training is needed, than this might not be the solution.  

The technique taught in the Method, gives you some time to react and gain control of your dog should they want to bolt, but it's not a perfect guaranteed solution to absolutely preventing your dog from bolting in all cases.

What am I paying for?  Is it equipment?  Online training?

You're purchasing a collection of various teachings, demonstrations, advice, commentary, and even a special online self-guided dog hike at an awesome doggie day trip destination that I particularly love.  

All the equipment that is needed for the technique shown in the Method, is revealed inside the course.  But no huge surprises.  No "special" equipment needed.  And nothing is sold by us.  

You may either already have the equipment, or would need to buy it on your own.  But again, it's just typical equipment, not sold by Mass Dog Hikes.

Is this an online dog training course?  Are you a trainer?  What is a "Method" in this context? 

The entire set of teachings that you receive, are contained inside a familiar online course format.  Modules, chapters, lessons, etc.  Even though it's not technically a tradition dog training online "course", it is organized so "awesome-ly" in a course format.

But there certainly is some training involved, but it's more human training than anything.

So it definitely has teachings and other course-like content--such as the aforementioned modules, chapters, lessons, etc.  But the entire "method" includes out on the trail activities, so it's not purely just an online course.

Regarding "training":  If your dog learns recall during the time you practice the method, like mine did, then I guess in this sense, the dog became trained. But this would actually be a bonus. 

The technique still works if the dog doesn't ultimately learn recall and can't be off-leash totally.

And the term "Method" is used, because it's more than just a piece of equipment, or just one set of training videos.

It's a whole process consisting of technique, combined with on-the-trail scenarios that really happen, advice from a dog care expert, some of my "rants" about issues related to leash vs. off-leash, how to make a difference with conservation...even an online guided dog hike at an awesome destination in order to practice all this new knowledge at.

I don't mind letting my dog off leash, why do you seem so overly concerned about it?

I know, right? I guess I've just seen SO MANY incidents occur with off leash dogs confronting other people, other dogs, getting hurt, taking off, etc--even though they are super nice dogs.

Why even give the chance for something to happen. such as arguments, when you can still provide some freedom, and even totally off-leash sessions when the time is right?

By the way, I go off on a good rant on this topic inside the Method. It's almost worth the $9 alone!

*I realize that many people's dogs are "fine" and they are friendly. I truly get it. Trust me. But other people might not want to be approached, even though the approaching dog is fine.

This is a good solution for certain circumstances, such as if others may be around corners on a trail, a road is near, wildlife might be around, etc.

But if you're cool with letting your dog roam totally free, then that's cool. I get it.

Having seen so many frustrating incidents and even heartache, I just wanted to provide a possible way to help a little...a happy medium. But it's not for everyone!

How can there be no extra time for training needed?

When I say no "extra" training, what I mean is, this method is practice and the "training" occurs when you would have been walking your dog anyway. 

You don't have to devote extra sessions, in addition to the time you would have already been walking your dog.  

You make this sound easy and a like it's going to work for sure.

As I write inside the video at the top of this page, it took a LONG time for me to have the sort of recall with my dogs that you see in it, especially with my nervous rescue hound. 

It's NOT easy or quick.  But what may help you, is that you can simply gain control with the leash each time your dog wants to go too far ahead...right from the "get go".  This part is immediate.

So with me, doing this in the beginning, combined with other repeated techniques, ended up working in terms of being able to let them totally off leash after a while. But I can only speak for myself there.

But again, even if the off leash recall doesn't happen that quickly for you, or at all, the method itself (in the meantime), still allows you --right away-- to have some freedom.

About the Instructor


I'm  Brian Burke

Hi, I'm Brian Burke. After several years of walking the trails as a dog business owner, I learned that it's best to not let dogs run up on other dogs, people, into a street, etc.  I also learned the appropriate times to let your dog off-leash so they can enjoy freedom.  But with the perspective of a business owner, I had concerns about liability, insurance premiums, potentially bad online reviews, etc if incidents were to occur with other dogs and humans.  So I took a conservative approach to letting dogs off leash...hence the Leash Liberation Method was born!  After all, I want peace of mind and to enjoy the time I spend in nature with my dogs, just like you!

Mass Dog Hikes Brian Burke

The Online Course


This combination of training videos, stories, advice, info graphics, the doggie destination online guide, the bonus and the super discounted price have never been combined in one deal, and it is going away soon at this low price!  Take advantage today!


  • The Leash Liberation Method: Regularly $29
  • Smaht Dog Bonus Training: Regularly $17

A $46 total value, offered together for the first time for Only $9, for a limited time!!


PLEASE READ: Important Info on Our Refund Policy

IMPORTANT: Please know that since this is a digital product that can be "learned-then-returned", copied, etc, there is no traditional money-back refund.  So please make sure that you want it before you purchase it.  Please ask any and all questions prior to purchase if you have any doubts. 

And if you purchase this course under extenuating circumstances, such as if an infant or your dog clicked the "buy button" by mistake, please contact Mass Dog Hikes and we will certainly work with you to come to a resolution.

There is a 24-hour period to re-consider your purchase.  The "return" here would be that you get a $9 credit for any Mass Dog Hikes or Smaht Dog purchases in the future, if you contact me within 24-hours of purchasing this product. And you can keep this product also if you get the future credit.

Mass Dog Hikes