Metrowest: Sudbury - Haynes Meadow

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About this course

Welcome to Mass Dog Hikes, and my awesome  Dog Hiking Online Guide  to History and Beauty with your dog at Haynes Meadow in Sudbury.

  I’m Brian from Mass Dog Hikes and The Smaht Dog. 

Enjoy this collection of  videos, commentary and other resources that introduces you to one of the best dog destinations that I’ve discovered as a dog walker in the metrowest of MA for years. 

Haynes Meadow in Sudbury is dripping with history, glacial artwork and nature…and dogs just love it!!! 

And Sudbury itself has plenty more to offer for those who visit with our without their dogs, in terms of activities, dining and more…I’ve included that info also!

Enjoy! … and please spread the word about Mass Dog Hikes…as there is much more to come!!

Course Structure

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2 Chapters


This Online Destination Guide is set up sort of like an online course.  There are two "chapters".  One contains the rules and property info.  The second contains the fun stuff--Hit the Trail with all the secrets and highlights I've provided.  Track your progress as you move through the "course".

I'd love you to comment at the bottom of the "lessons" with your own adventures and questions.  Also, please leave your input on how we can improve this course and improve Haynes with our conservation efforts while we're there!

Before Your Adventure 1 Lesson

Rules, About the Property & Parking

My dogs and I love this trail because of the way that the glaciers have carved out the perfect setting for diverse terrain and incredible views. 

In this first lesson, we'll discuss some of the rules and other info, such as parking, that will have you prepared ahead of time to just show up, hop out of the car and instantly enjoy!  

And I've provided plenty of suggestions and links for local attractions in Sudbury, so that your trip to this historic and beautiful destination is that much more enjoyable!

Hit the Trail! 1 Lesson

Chimney Chase, Glacier Ride & Nature’s Classroom

My dogs love Haynes because of the sounds and smells...I love it for the footbridges, brooks, secret picnic spots and even the random chimneys in the woods, not to mention sweeping views from atop a ridge that a glacier formed. 

Haynes Meadow is a portal for time travel to a century ago when lumber mills were thriving here.  You can also travel back to a time when glaciers created this precious venue of natural wonders that you are walking on and gazing across.