Dog Care: Tick Prevention Guide

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About this course

The Purpose:

Welcome, and thanks for downloading the FREE 5-Step System:  Don't Let Ticks Prevent Your Dog from Enjoying the Outdoors.

As the creator of Mass Dog Hikes, my aim is to educate dog owners on all aspects of taking your dog into nature, not just to highlight really cool dog hiking and walking destinations--as I often do.

Because, if you head out to the places I recommend, I also want you to enjoy the overall experience of spending time with your dog outside, and to be safe doing it.

What it IS...and is NOT

This brief guide (system) is designed to give you some ideas to think about, and possibly even carry out, which can act as an addition to your current tick prevention methods, and those recommended by your vet.

But please know, the system is not intended to dive deeply into the specifics around treatment, Lyme disease itself, and to be a complete info resource for all things tick.

For example, this guide does not address removing ticks that have already engaged. 

It's simply a list of brief but helpful steps that have worked for me to help r educe (but never eliminate) the chance of ticks engaging on my dogs before they get the chance,  instead of waiting until much later to deal with ticks that may have already engaged.

In fact, since these set of steps (specifically 2 through 4) show some methods I use, I'd like to hear about what works for you, or what your concerns are also.

To learn more about the dangers of ticks, types of ticks, more details on Lyme disease and transmission, see the CDC's website that I have provided a link to in the" Education and Empower" step in this guide...step 5.

Creating a Community:

Above: Halloween walk with my Burke's Pet Care clients!

My guides, systems, blog posts, online courses and more (for Mass Dog Hikes and the parent company Burke's Pet Care), are intended to create a community of dog lovers, so that we can all share ideas and learn from one another.

**There is a comment section at the bottom of each of the 5 steps (lessons) in this system.  Please share you input with us!  Join the community.


Finally, as a disclaimer, this system does NOT claim to completely prevent ticks; it simply lists some steps that I personally take to REDUCE them while on my own outings (especially with steps 2-4). 



So I can still enjoy some outdoor time with my dogs in this new era of heightened awareness among higher-then-ever incidents of disease and other set backs due to a great prevalence of dangerous ticks these days.

Ticks should be a concern the second you step outside, no matter what system, treatment, advice, etc. that you use.

So please always consult with your vet and continue to research content  from all sources, so you can be armed with the most accurate information to protect your dog...

How it Works:

The condensed system that you're about to check out, is like a sandwich.

It has a piece of bread at each end, and meat in the middle.

This intro, and the last section on resources, myths, etc, are situated at each end, like pieces of bread.  

And the three main steps you can follow and put into action on, before and after the actual outing, are like the meat in the middle of those two pieces of sandwich bread.

And in order to keep it focused on the dog hiking and walking aspect of tick prevention , I didn't write volumes on every angle involved in ticks and dogs!


Even if you disagree with any or all of my points, at least it gets you thinking and hopefully commenting at the bottom of these sections, so a discussion can be had about tick prevention (and/or a reduction in ticks). 


Hopefully you pick up a tip or two that can act as just one piece in the overall attack against ticks, and your time was worth downloading this guide.

And if the worst that happens is that you get a conversation going with your vet, or you are moved to start your own additional research, than I hope you thought it was worth checking out!

Course Structure

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Introduction / Disclaimer

Welcome to my 5-Step system for dealing with "the tick issue".  Please enjoy this introduction to learn where I'm coming from in my 5-Step system.

Learn what the system is, and what it is not.  And what to expect in the 5-steps.


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Before we can actually head out into nature, we need to first handle tick prevention on an overall basis, not just in relation to a certain outing.

In this step, we set the foundation that every dog owner should be aware of, no matter if you're active out on the trails and fields, or not.  I provide questions to ask your vet, various types of treatments (and my own favorite) and more.

So after we make sure we've got the treatment taken care of as a base measure, then we can set a course for adventure and consider letting our dogs enjoy nature as much as possible.


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Before You Head Out

In this step, let's get you prepared before you even hit the woods or fields.

Learn how to pick the best place to go in order to encounter the fewest amount of ticks, and what to bring with you in terms of prevention supplies.

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While You’re There

Why wait until you're done with the hike or other outing to check for ticks?

Learn great tips for checking for ticks during the hike or walk itself.  And as a bonus, learn a little bit about how reducing the chance for getting ticks can be combined with protecting the environment!

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After the Outing

After you've checked for ticks during the hike, now it's time to give another scan AFTER the hike.

In this step, I discuss various ways to use what's already all around us, as well as tools and other items that you can use.  Also shown, are ways to give a thorough tick check when you're done with your outing...at the end of the walk, in your car and at home.

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Educate and Empower Yourself

What prevention system would be complete without empowering yourself through education?

I provide consolidated resources to learn about Lyme disease, to expose some myths and to help you prep for tick-related discussions with your vet, so that this final step actually propels you and empowers you for future outings.