Dog Care: Tick Prevention Guide

Welcome to my 5-Step System.  Let's empower ourselves a bit to learn more about REDUCING (not eliminating) the chance that ticks can hinder us and our dogs from enjoying the outdoors together!

With my Mass Dog Hikes platform (MassDogHikes.com), I don't only want to show dog owners cool places to hike.  I also want them to learn how to be safe and have fun with their dogs while there.

As a long time dog care business owner (Burke's Pet Care), I've picked up many hints and tips that I can't wait to pass on!

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Dog Care: Winter Dog Hiking Tips

How do you give your dog quality time outside during the cold months and be assured they are warm and safe?  Does it make you feel bad if your dog shivers or lifts up her paws because they were too cold? 

How do you prevent that from happening?  What are the signs of hypothermia or just plain discomfort?  What is the best gear for winter and how do get them to wear it if they don't like it?

All these questions and more are answered in this brief and well organized guide on Winter Dog Hiking tips.  

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Metrowest: Sudbury - Haynes Meadow

Welcome to Mass Dog Hikes, and my awesome  Dog Hiking Online Guide  to History and Beauty with your dog at Haynes Meadow in Sudbury.

  I'm Brian from Mass Dog Hikes and The Smaht Dog. 

Enjoy this collection of  videos, commentary and other resources that introduces you to one of the best dog destinations that I've discovered as a dog walker in the metrowest of MA for years. 

Haynes Meadow in Sudbury is dripping with history, glacial artwork and nature...and dogs just love it!!! 

And Sudbury itself has plenty more to offer for those who visit with our without their dogs, in terms of activities, dining and more...I've included that info also!

Enjoy! ... and please spread the word about Mass Dog Hikes...as there is much more to come!!

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