A Community of Mass Dog Hikers!

Join us! Be a Mass Dog "Hiker".

As a Mass Dog Hikes Community member (a Mass Dog "Hiker"), you too can let your dog lead you:

  • Discover and share the amazing natural dog hiking areas all around us by connecting with other dog lovers and nature enthusiasts.
  • Join a community of dog owners who are dedicated to providing the best life possible for their dogs and to local conservation efforts.

Just follow your dog's lead to awesome Mass destinations.  Intuitively, they know where to go.  We'll be waiting for you in the Community!

Update: There are no fees to be a part of the Mass Dog Hikes Community until later in 2021, due to the pandemic.

3 Ways to Connect with the Community of Mass Dog Hikers:

1. Start by Accessing the Online Destination and Education Guides 

Create your own Mass Dog Hikes private online account to discover awesome destinations at precious conservation lands, trails and other properties.  

The Mass Dog Hike Online Guides (set up like an online course--very sleek--on destinations and advice topics) will be inside your account, waiting for you, once you sign up as a Community member of Mass Dog Hikers.  

Once inside, start interacting with the community of Mass Dog Hikers by posting your comments and questions within the Online Destination and Education Guides--besides learning a ton from them!



You will learn specific ways get involved in local conservation efforts, and to connect with other Mass Dog Hikes community members who share this goal.  We will work (and play) together to protect and enjoy the natural resources that we enjoy with our dogs...stay tuned!  Thanks, Brian

Visit the Mass Dog Hikes Facebook page and let us know what's on your mind.  Post about your own adventures so others can learn.  Ask questions of the Mass Dog Hikes community about dog care, dog hiking and preserving the natural wonders that we take our dogs to...or should I say, that our dogs take US to!

Visit the MDH Youtube page to watch fun and informative videos about Mass dog hiking destinations, dog hiking advice and conservation of the areas we take them to!  Comment on the videos in order to interact with the Mass Dog Hikes Community.

Discover new destinations to take your dog.  Learn how to preserve the natural wonders that we take them to.  Interact with other Mass Dog Hikers on our blog platform.

The blog's skim-friendly format, with plenty of graphics and bullet points, allows you to learn and have fun without being bored.

But don't just read and leave...Make comments, ask questions.  Let the Mass Dog Hikes Community know what's on your mind at the bottom of each blog post.

Let Our Dogs Lead Us into Nature...

...And then learn about it, appreciate it even more, and protect it!

And feel proud that you're helping to spread the word about dog etiquette in these sensitive areas and overall dog care advice!

Contact Brian with any questions or issues about accessing the community:

Please contact massdoghikes@gmail.com  Thanks, Brian