About Mass Dog Hikes

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  • Through Mass Dog Hikes, Brian has created a community of dog lovers who also love their environment and want to protect it with when exploring with our dogs. 
  • Take part in online education courses, online dog hiking destination guides, and a connection to the New England dog community.
  • Even when you hike alone, you share and connect to the land by learning about it and protecting it, and also, you can share your experiences and concerns with the online community!

Welcome!  Mass Dog Hikes (and now also New England Dog Hikes) helps us connect to our precious local lands and a community of dog lovers, through education and shared adventures!

We are All-in-One info source and an All-for-One community--tough to find when clicking multiple listings on a google page!  

I've consolidated one place to get all the info--and add to it when you see the need.  And, one place to join other like-minded dog and nature lovers who want to improve through connection..

Our Story:

Work in WAGS and Gracie and Asa.

5 star, etc...wanted to spread to online to reach more and share what i learned from zula, clients, etc.

We offer 3 main ways to connect and learn:

online guides

connection with community



Visit the MDH Facebook page and let us know what you think about Mass Dog Hikes.  Post about your own adventures so others can learn.  Ask questions of the community about dog care, dog hiking and preserving the natural wonders that we take our dogs to...or should I say, that our dogs take US to!

Visit the MDH Youtube page to watch fun and informative videos about local dog hiking destinations, dog hiking advice and conservation of the areas we take them to!  Comment on the videos in order to interact with the MDH community.

Discover new destinations to take your dog.  Learn how to preserve the natural wonders that we take them to.  Catch up on dog care, dog safety and dog health advice.

The blog's skim-friendly format, with plenty of graphics and bullet points, allows you to learn and have fun without being bored.

But don't just read and leave...Make comments, ask questions.  Let MDH know what's on your mind at the bottom of each blog post.

Let Our Dogs Lead Us into Nature...

...And then learn about it, appreciate it even more, and protect it!

And feel proud that you're helping to spread the word about dog etiquette in these sensitive areas and overall dog care advice!

Contact Brian with any questions or issues about accessing the community:

Please contact massdoghikes@gmail.com  Thanks, Brian