About Mass Dog Hikes

Destinations. Education. Conservation.

Mass Dog Hikes is a membership-based community of people (and dogs) who want to connect by enjoying 3 common things: 

  • To explore Massachusetts' incredible dog hiking destinations
  • To learn about how to make those hikes safe and enjoyable for us
  • To help preserve the precious lands that our dogs lead us to--Mass Dog Hikers "Get It"!

Our Website is Under Maintenance until 3/19/21--Read below for now:

Mass Dog Hikes Brian Burke

Brian Burke, Founder Mass Dog Hikes and Burke's Pet Care

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Our Website is Under Maintenance until 3/19/21--Read below for now:

How MDH Works

Once you become a Mass Dog Hikes member (opening up for enrollment in March), you will have access to ALL of our members-only exclusive content.

"Mass Dog Hikers" get ALL of these benefits with membership:

  • Amazing online destination guides...including doggie day trips to awesome hiking areas and local attractions, and online courses for education 
  • Meet up's to hike with other members and their dogs
  • Access to HIDDEN dog hiking goldmines that Brian learned from his dog walking clients and his own explorations as a dog walker
  • Smaht Dog Training courses to learn how to keep our dogs safe and happy out on the roads and trails
  • Conservation opportunities to help preserve the precious lands our dogs lead us to
  • Members-only zoom-type sessions to connect, share ideas, learn some new stuff and more.
  • Receive live check-ins from the trails to see conditions, cool parts, etc.
  • Cool Swag and Merch, such as an MDH bumper sticker to the display that let's others you "Get It" about conservation and dog etiquette when you're parked at a trail head
  • Get more out of being on the trails in terms of how to discover wildlife, learning types of vegetation, and learning to "just be" while you're out there and soak in the peace with guides that we provide!

For now, check out our "Leash Liberation Method" while you wait to become a member--this link to the Method will be live during the second half of March!

You can also engage as a Mass Dog Hike's enthusiast at no charge by interacting and sharing on our facebook page, our blog and more, and in our Resources Center (coming soon).

What is the Smaht Dog all About?

You'll see "The Smaht Dog" referenced all throughout Mass Dog Hikes content.  Yes, it's a play on the Mass accent!

The Smaht Dog Training is sort of like dog obedience training 2.0; the next logical step to "sit and stay" training, which is certainly valuable also.

But The Smaht Dog training covers issues that happen when you hit the roads and trails...the "real life" scenarios that aren't always taught in typical obedience dog training.

It's more like human training to handle unexpected and stressful situations, so that you can prevent them altogether and just enjoy time with your dog!  More to come on this curriculum, so stay tuned!


See below to read about this family tree and how MDH was "born"!

How MDH Started

Mass Dog Hikes...Born from Class and "Smahts"

Mass Dog Hikes has two mascots: Gracie and Asa.  They were "born" from the mascot (Wags) for my original dog care company, Burke's Dog Care.  The history of Burke's is explained in the section below.

These two mascots, Gracie and Asa, help point out all the cool places to go with your dog, and  the "smaht" things to do when you're there.  I learned of these places and smaht things to do through my experiences while walking clients' dogs with Burke's.  So now I want to spread all of this knowledge to exponentially more people online--and Gracie and Asa help me out with this


A Wise Guy, in more ways than one!

Asa was named after a street in Stow, MA (Asa Whitcomb Way) where, as a dog walker, I had an "interesting" incident with a human...not fun.  But that's a story for another time.  

Suffice it to say, it made me a bit jaded, but it's all good now.  So much good came out of that day for the rest of us--lessons that I can now pass on.

Asa is the "Smaht" Dog.  Smart in teaching people dog etiquette and about real life situations on the streets and trails, and sometimes smaht in other ways, like a typical Mass wise guy with that Boston-area attitude.

Handled with "Grace"...

Gracie, is our guide for the best dog hiking destinations in Mass.  She is always sniffing out cool places to bring your dog! She's like a butler (as her father, the mascot of Burke's was--explained in the next section below).

Gracie is named after a hiking destination in Mass, Mt. Grace Conservation Land, due to Mass Dog Hikes' huge focus on preserving and protecting the precious lands that our dogs lead us to.


Gracie finds the cool places, and Asa teaches you street "smahts" to make sure you're safe and it's fun when you go there...and all together, we learn how to preserve and protect these precious areas of our state as we enjoy them.

A Legacy of High Class and "Sass"!

It all started in 2014 when I founded a dog walking and grooming company called Burke's Dog Care, LLC. Skip forward 6 or 7 years, 16 employees, over 1,000 clients later, and Burke's Dog Care ended up receiving literally all 5-star online reviews and built an impeccable reputation in the community.  (Burke's Dog Grooming is still thriving today, now separately operated.)

"Wags", our high-class butler mascot was all about the highest in customer service.  But he knew it was time to pass on the legacy eventually, and reach more dog owners with quality dog care knowledge that he learned in the dog walking world.  It was time to move the platform online--to reach more people and dogs through the internet.

So Gracie and Asa were "born" to carry out this legacy of quality, and to bring us to the cool places around Mass...while being "smaht" about it.