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Destinations and Education

Mass Dog Hikes is the GO-TO place to find exciting places to take your dog.  It's a super unique way to learn all you need to know in order to have fun on dog hikes and walks in MA.

And learn HOW to hike and walk with your dog in these public places, so that we can all enjoy these awesome venues a bit more!

Mass Dog Hikes Brian Burke

Brian Burke, Founder Mass Dog Hikes and Burke's Pet Care

How to get the Most Out of MDH:

What MDH is all about?  

Simple--I provide you with tons of Super cool places to hike and walk with your dog, with a focus on enjoying them while you're there!  It's the "Where" and the "How".

Get the most out of Mass Dog Hikes:

Dive into the Doggie Destination Online Guides in my All Access Library.  Jam Packed with all you need to know about tons of conservation lands, trails and other dog hiking havens--across Massachusetts!

Super unique.  Super detailed.  *Way more than what you get if you just googled a place to take your dog!

After owning a dog walking business for several years, I have discovered the secrets, the highlights, the best of the best in dog hiking and walking in Massachusetts!

  • The best sections of a particular place to hike, if you only have so much time
  • Secrete places to park if the lot is crowded
  • The best watering holes to let your dog swim, hidden caves, footbridges over streams, etc.
  • Nearby dog hikes in case the one you chose is crowded or closed
  • Historical and Geological highlights...teach the kids!
  • Trail conditions so that you are prepared and choose the appropriate trail
  • Where it tends to be crowded versus where it is usually wide open and quiet
  • And so much more!

THESE ARE PROVIDED IN AN "ALL ACCESS" FORMAT.  The info for each trail is found in online destination guides for each location.

There are so many other guides and courses besides just those for the destinations...Such as tips on dog hiking etiquette and safety, tick prevention, and more.

I can't believe I had this in my head for so many years and haven't released it until now!

And, as a dog business owner, I also learned of many situations that pop up while we're out in public with our dogs, and how to avoid many frustrations and let downs.

My goal is to remove these frustrations and potential incidents, in order for you to simply enjoy the awesome places that I'm sending you to....make sense?  I think so!

One way to make sure you enjoy these awesome places, is to check out our Leash Liberation Method:

Our "Leash Liberation Method" (coming soon) helps ensure that you not only find great destinations, but that you enjoy "liberation" from the leash ... and liberation from safety concerns while you're there--and while your dog gets to roam a bit and not attached to a short leash the whole time!


Want more freedom for your dog to roam a bit so they are happy, while you can still maintain control?

Concerned about ticks, wildlife and other situations when your dog is in the woods and fields?

Be "Liberated"!  Address all of these issues with one Solution:  The Leash Liberation Method! 

And there's more coming soon!

...With our "All Access Pass" (coming soon), you will have access to ALL of our members-only exclusive content.

"Mass Dog Hikers" get ALL of these benefits with the All Access Pass:

  • Super-informative online destination guides...including doggie day trips to awesome hiking areas and local attractions--secrets about trails, advice to get the most out of your hike and more.
  • Other online courses for tick prevention, winter hiking tips, conservation of the places we take our dogs, and more.
  • Meet up's to hike with other members and their dogs
  • Access to HIDDEN dog hiking goldmines that Brian learned from his dog walking clients who knew the secret spots around them, and from his own explorations as a dog walker  
  • Dog Hike online destination guides based on history, geology and other themes--teach the kids and learn a little yourself about the area.
  • "Smaht Dog" Training courses to learn how to keep our dogs safe and happy out on the roads and trails with instruction for real incidents that occur 
  • Members-only zoom-type sessions to connect, share ideas, learn some new stuff and more.
  • Receive live check-ins from the trails to see conditions, cool parts, etc.
  • Cool Swag and Merch, such as an MDH bumper sticker to the display that let's others you "Get It" about dog etiquette and dog adventure when you're parked at a trail head
  • Get more out of being on the trails in terms of how to discover wildlife, learning about the woods, and learning to "just be" while you're out there and soak in the peace with online guides that we provide!

In the meantime, the Best Way to take advantage of Mass Dog Hikes while we wait for the All Access Pass to become available, is to download the "Leash Liberation Method".  Coming Soon.......


Want more freedom for your dog to roam a bit while still maintaining control?

Concerned about ticks, wildlife and other situations when your dog is in the woods and fields?

Be "Liberated"!  Address all of these issues with one Solution:  The Leash Liberation Method!

When you have some extra time...

Learn About How it all Started:

How Mass Dog Hikes started

What is the "Smaht Dog" all about?