Welcome to Mass Dog Hikes, I'm Brian.  Check out this FREE OFFER for local dog hiking guides, 
and learn a little bit about us!

This FREE MASS DOG HIKES OFFER entices you to pack a lunch, head to this goldmine with your dog...Make a day of it in this historic area!   The video reveals secret picnic spots and random chimneys in the woods.  Footbridges over amazing brooks and marshes.  Sweeping views atop glacial ridges.  Besides the secrets, you'll also know all the rules and what to expect before you go!


About Mass Dog Hikes

After founding Burke's Pet Care in 2014, we were fortunate to serve hundreds and hundreds of clients with dog walking and pet sitting.  I am proud of the 5-Star, butler-like service that we became known for, and am so appreciative of the relationships we formed with our great clients, both 2-legged and 4-legged!

While still helping clients with dog walking and sitting, I started to implement a new focus where I could provide education and advice for dog owners via the internet also.  And Mass Dog Hikes is part of that focus!

Through the years, I learned of so many amazing dog destinations for walks and hikes during my journey with Burke's Pet Care.   It's just natural that I share those with everyone in the Greater Mass area! 

And I realized that by connecting with our followers via an online approach, I could also reach so many more people with the advice and education that became a mainstay of Burke's from day one.  So Enjoy...and "Get Out!" (...on a hike, that is).

This client is a super outdoor enthusiast, especially with her dogs.  I featured a trail RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD FROM HER HOUSE, and she was psyched.  She had never visited it!  I can find gems like this near you, too!

rebecca, stow ma

Mass Dog Hikes Lessons on the Trails:

VIDEO LESSON (Above) - Don't wait till you get home to check for ticks.  "See the Light...and Use it".  Watch this quick video on how to help reduce tick bites after your dog hike.

VIDEO LESSON (Above) - It's a good idea to not let your dog get too far ahead of you on a trail, especially when there are curves where you can't see who's com-ng.


An amazing dog destination in the Metrowest, full of history and geology ... and plenty of stimulation for your dog too!

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Brian Burke, Mass Dog Hikes, brian@burkespetcare.com