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Destinations:  Discover awesome dog hiking destinations, whether it's an impromptu local hike, or a planned Day Trip, 

Education: Be grateful that your dog feels free at these places, while being safe and prepared--Mass Dog Hikers "Get it"!

Show off that you're "Smaht" about bringing your dog to the best places for freedom and fun....and that you "Get It" about dog hiking etiquette and safety!


1. Give liberation to your dog to roam a bit while still maintaining control by using our leash liberation method.

2. Learn all the amazing Local Dog Hiking Destinations...in order to enjoy your new leash liberation.

3. Be safe and show that you get it with The next level in dog training with "smaht" teachings to help while you're hiking.

Download this 3-Part "Leash Liberation System" for a limited time!  

Here are 3 Ways to be a Mass Dog Hiker:


Learn about amazing dog destinations, social meet ups for group dog hikes and more.


Learn how to have freedom for your dog on the trails while being responsible.  Have peace of mind!

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Want more freedom for your dog to roam a bit while still maintaining control?

Concerned about ticks, wildlife and other situations when your dog is in the woods and fields?

Be "Liberated"!  Address all of these issues with one Solution:

Download my 3-step "Leash Liberation System" for a limited time!  Leash / Off Leash Solutions.  Amazing Destinations.  "Smaht" Trainings.